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You Grilled What?

French Fries!

Parsnips, sweet potatoes or the good ol’ fashioned Idaho spud, I’ll take fries just about any way I can get them. While fried is usually a treat, I have come up with a few different ways to create that favorite salty side. Below you can find a new way to serve fries with your summer favorites without having to heat your oven, and subsequently, your home! Enjoy! Continue reading


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S’mores Period.

I actually debated whether or not to tackle such an iconic food. Nothing has changed about it since it was invented by the dinosaur, Trismorasauras, 250 million years ago! Some of that last statement may be false… you can google it later.

My fear was that someone would ask the question, “Why mess with the s’more?” and I wouldn’t have a good enough answer. I came up with a pretty good compromise. The basics have stayed the same, graham cracker, milk chocolate bar, marshmallow, but I added a simple ingredient to give it a twist! Below you will find 4 S’mores that tip-toe outside of the box without destroying the perfection that is a campfire s’more. Enjoy! Continue reading


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I Need Your Help! Yes…YOU!

I have alluded to the fact that I have some exciting blogs coming up that I hope are interesting, creative and outside the box! One of those ideas needs your help! A friend of mine, Lisa, had a wonderful idea that I had to steal borrow! Read below to find out how one of your ideas could make it into my kitchen and onto my blog! Continue reading


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Camp Chef: Meal #2 Dinner!

My parents can attest to the fact that in spite of being raised in the suburbs, I have always felt like a city kid. I’m pretty sure they still think there might have been a mix up at the hospital the day I was born. It was the 80’s…we were all inhaling way too much hairspray and that is when accidents happen! My fascination with all things urban was only solidified in the 90’s by the TV show “Friends”. At that point I knew the only things keeping me from a lavish NYC apartment were a rapier wit and immovable hair. Continue reading

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Camp Chef Meal #1 Breakfast A la Richelle

This past weekend, Dustin and I tried our luck at camping for the second time.  Those of you that know us just double checked what blog you’re reading, assuming that the words “camping” would never show up on my blog unless followed by the words “it up.”  Don’t worry though, we don’t disappoint – our version of roughing it involved a tent made for 8, a queen sized air mattress, down comforter, Kindle and books, and those fun packets of chemicals that turn your campfire rainbow colors!  Onto the food! Continue reading


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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

This is as live as it gets! We just got home from a wonderfully relaxing trip to Gettysburg and have finished unpacking. This is the point where Dustin picks up the phone and I call out my favorite pizza toppings! Not this time! I had a few things that had been left in the fridge and had about 3 minutes left until they expired! Here’s what I came up with… Continue reading

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Eggs in Purgatory – Dinner Over Easy

This has become a fast favorite in my house!

Toasted Garlic Bread on the bottom, topped with red pepper and onion mixed with marina and diced pancetta.  Top that with a fried egg.  Sprinkle with fresh basil and grated parmesan cheese. Continue reading


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