DeLuca’s Diner

This past weekend Dustin and I had the opportunity to stay with a few friends in Pittsburgh. We had been there before and had a blast. Oh, and we also ate our faces off! I decided I needed to take the blog on the road and take you along on a culinary ride through Pitt! Sit back, relax and try not to drool on your keyboard.

Let’s start our trip to Pittsburgh the way we all start our day – Breakfast! Our tour guides (Richelle, Steve, Brandi and Tim) suggested DeLuca’s Diner which is on “the strip”. 

The Strip District is a one-half square mile area northeast of downtown Pittsburgh. “The Strip.” as it is familiarly known, is just that — a narrow strip of land in a flood plain confined by natural boundaries: the Allegheny River to the north and the extension of Grant’s Hill to the south. The Strip District’s east and west boundaries are 11th and 33rd streets; the produce district runs from 16th to 22nd streets. (

Let it be known, for the most part, a long line outside of a diner is a sign of great things to come! Inside was exactly what you would expect from any American Diner.

A glance at their huge menu had Dustin and I truly overwhelmed so we looked to our friends for inspiration and suggestions. It was unanimous, Eggs Benedict was the way to go. Dustin and I decided on two different variations so we could taste them both. (Oh the things I do for my readers.)

First up is the classic, with a twist of course. Here are the parts to this well oiled machine!

Italian Bread Toast

Sliced Ham

Poached Egg

Hollandaise sauce

Potatoes on the side

Simple, right? That’s where the similarities to all other Eggs Benedict stopped. The italian bread was genius! Buttery, crispy and warm and soft inside. The textures were perfect together and the hollandaise sauce was like a mouth full of velvet. It was glossy and buttery but acidic at the same time. So many diners serve a sauce heavy with yolk and butter and you leave the dish feeling like you just ate a stick of butter. DeLuca’s is different. The strong acid (lemon juice I assume) was cutting right through all of the richness. It was served with potatoes, which i felt was a missed opportunity. They could have used some parsley to aid in cleansing the palette, but if the addition of some parsley is my only complaint, you still get an A+!

The california version was just as amazing!

English Miffin




Hollandaise Sauce


Of course the avocados were only going to add to the decadence of this Benedict, but the surprise was the addition of tomatoes which, along with the basil, paired perfectly with that sublim hollandaise sauce!

We will certainly return any time we find ourselves on the Strip in Pittsburgh in the need of a diner favorite with a twist. A tasty, tasty twist!

This will be one of many thank you’s to Brandi, Tim, Richelle and Steve! Stay tuned for more Pittsburgh coming soon!



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2 responses to “DeLuca’s Diner

  1. Brandi

    Swiss cheese! The “traditional” DeLuca’s Eggs Benedict also has swiss cheese (my favorite part)!

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