A Pittsburgh Lunch

There are many things I think of when I think of Pittsburgh. Amazing architecture, bridges, illegal left
turns and now, a hamburger with mozzarella sticks in it.

Our lunchtime appetite took us to D’s Six Pack and Dogs! It’s a pub that specializes in beer and pub food!
Dustin and I settled on two completely different food groups. The hotdog and the hamburger.

Dustin ordered a hotdog with macaroni and cheese…on it! This is a classic combination (especially if you
were ever 8 ) but I never had the nerve to put the mac and cheese directly onto the dog. Needless to say
it got a thumbs up!

It was my turn. By the time the basket hit the table in front of me, I knew I would need backup. My
hamburger was stacked a mile high with marinara sauce, pepperoni and 3 mozzarella sticks! There
was a theme trending at D’s which was food served with food inside of it. Brandi said it best when she
exclaimed, “I LOVE when my food has food in it!” And indeed, I did. I might have only finished half but
I will remember that whole burger fondly! I love creating and eating bright, fresh elegant food, but
sometimes you need to feed the soul! When doing so, I start with a heaping helping of friends, but from
now on, I’ll finish it with food that has food stuffed inside of it!

I apologize for the photos here, but it was kind of dark, I only had my iPod with me, and frankly the
burger made me winded.


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