Side Dish #3 Grilled Strawberry Fields

I’m taking a short break from Pittsburgh posts (there are still a few coming!). Tonight the weather was unbelievably perfect which, of course, means I am outside all evening! I took the opportunity to grill some NY Strip and make a nice light salad, but who cares about a salad on a night like tonight, bring on the dessert! I’ll start with a wide shot so as to not cause immediate combustion. Warning, as the photos get larger, you WILL become more hungry.

I started by grilling a few pieces of angel food cake on both sides. I did this BEFORE the steak went on. I like a savory/sweet combo as much as the next person, but there are limits! Grilling the angel food cake caramelizes the sugars in the cake which means, A: it creates a sweet crispy texture to the cake and B: it brunes FAST! Keep an eye on it! After the cake came off and I was waiting for the steak to be done, I placed my hulled, quartered (thanks, Dustin!) strawberries into a bowl with some sugar, lime zest and chopped mint and let them sit on the counter to create a sweet syrup. After our meal, assembly was a snap! First cake, then strawberries, drizzle of the syrup, some whipped cream and another dusting of lime zest. I finished it off with some toasted black sesame seeds to cut down on the sweet and add some earthy nuttiness. The only way to serve this sexified dessert was on one plate with two forks. The perfect end to a meal on a perfect day! What else could I ask for? I know… more dessert!

p.s. I uploaded the last photo at full registration, so those in search of what my next door neighbor calls “food porn”, I think you will be happy! Let me know, Jason, if I did good!



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8 responses to “Side Dish #3 Grilled Strawberry Fields

  1. thesavvystudent

    Yummy! This looks so pretty…I’m not much of a griller and I’ve certainly never thought of doing dessert on the grill but this looks wonderful.

    • Thanks! I do love to grill, but if you have a grill pan, it’s easy to do inside, too! Try pineapple wedges with a dollop of creme fraishe or peaches! Aaaand now I’m hungry again! Thanks again!

  2. Karen Rittenhouse

    May I have that for dessert next Sunday =)

  3. Kathlene

    You did good!

  4. Jason

    Oh ya thats the stuff the only thing that would make it better is more! I am drooling you did very well.

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