Dishes To Go! Whole Foods!

So this blog is babies first Whole Foods®!

I’ve been an avid watcher of Bravos TVs’ Top Chef and for 8 seasons I’ve seen them super-market-sweep sprint through their respective cities Whole Foods®.  I was so excited to see what all this hype was about.  I get it, it’s a grocery store … what could be so different?  For the most part, there’s not a huge difference.  They sell food, you place what you desire into a cart – and they prefer you pay for said items before you leave.  Following are highlights of what was above and beyond the typical super market chain in my opinion.  So grab a cart and bring along your list while we go shopping at Whole Foods®!

Of course, as with any grocery store, we were greeted by the produce section.  What I noticed here were signs that told us what items were local.  I know smaller grocery stores do the same, however I was surprised to see these all over the store in every department.  Sure, in PA grocery stores it’s easy to find local apples, but local cheeses?  How fantastic!

Oils!  This was great because I love oils – each type of oil serves a different purpose in the kitchen.  The selection was plenteous and I was able to walk away with a bottle of walnut oil – and at $2.75 for the bottle it was a steal!

Many grocery stores have very few prepared food items and usually stop at local cuisine.  Not here!  Check out the chicken curry, veggie dishes and many types of kabobs.  Very impressive!

Never have I ever seen the many different types of “raw” chocolate at a grocery chain!  We decided to treat the group to a white chocolate bar with lemon zest and pink peppercorns!  Yum!

Nuts and grains and oats – oh my! This was exciting!  No matter the fiber, you can find it here.  What I love about this system is the ability to get – and pay for – just what you need.  I will never need an entire pallet of quinoa, and I’d have nowhere to store it either!  Buying these types of ingredients in smaller quantities means no stale, leftover pantry items and a fresher dish every time!

Yes they are.

No we didn’t.

I don’t know why either.

For those of you viewing this post on a portable device, I would strongly suggest sitting down.  When I turned the corner and saw the cheese selection, I almost forgot my own name!

To say they had a lot of cheese would be a lie.  They had a ton of cheese!  While many of the best cheeses I have ever eaten have always been fresh, and usually, local, Whole Foods ® offerings are amazing and vast!  I also have to mention those “local” tags again!  We were able to procure a fresh goats Chèvre from a farm in the area.  Score!

Their array of “wet” cheeses (mozzarella, feta) was just as amazing.  As a side note, when I die, please spread my ashes amongst the three cases shown above.  Please use sparingly around the cheeses with grape vine ash as I would hate to cause confusion.

As we were leaving, there was one more novelty that threw me for a loop and had my brain short circuiting.  We have all seen shelves of coffee surrounding the grinder at our local market, but never have I seen the grinder surrounded by nuts!  Richelle made quick work of a few honey roasted peanuts.  Flipping the switch gave way to a glossy stream of warm peanut butter!  Don’t worry, that peanut butter will be making another appearance…keep your eyes peeled for brunch!

Our booty!

We made way to the check out and took with us asparagus, heirloom tomatoes, zucchini, potatoes, shallots, goat cheese, a parmesan-like cheese, goats brie, walnut oil, a chocolate bar, one can of cherry cream soda and one can of ginger root beer.  At $50.00 it’s what I would expect of a specialty grocery store!   Not bad for a first trip!

All in all I had a great experience and loved having so many options!  It certainly wouldn’t replace a farmers market, and I’m not sure I could contain myself if I shopped there weekly. But certainly to have a Whole Foods ® close by for those last minute dinner parties would be a dream!

Thanks Whole Foods® – see you next time!



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7 responses to “Dishes To Go! Whole Foods!

  1. Kathlene

    I love your Booty too!

  2. Donna Szczygiel

    Eric, I know how you feel! We are fortunate enough to have a Whole Foods nearby where I live. I love to make fresh peanut butter – it is a real treat. Also, some of my personal favorites through the years in the prepared foods section are the black bean and grilled vegetable quesadillas and the breaded tofu triangles (served with mushroom gravy!!), to name just a few! Their fish counter is superb but very pricey. I love to visit during any holiday just for the experience!

    • I noticed their meat case was a bit on the pricey side myself. I don’t care if it IS fillet mignon… $35/lb is a tad salty. I LOVE the prepared foods though! What a simple dinner for a busy night, but not that sodium heavy freezer food that we all use as a crutch!

  3. Melissa

    We have a Whole Foods down the street, and a Trader Joe’s about a block farther. How I wish we could transplant you and Dustin out here, so you could teach me how to use all this bounty properly!

  4. Brandi

    Although I did enjoy our trip to Whole Foods, I can’t wait for you to experience Trader Joes. …so good, so cheap… and they have the best public restroom in Pittsburgh.

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