Eggs in Purgatory – Dinner Over Easy

This has become a fast favorite in my house!

Toasted Garlic Bread on the bottom, topped with red pepper and onion mixed with marina and diced pancetta.  Top that with a fried egg.  Sprinkle with fresh basil and grated parmesan cheese.

On the toasted garlic bread, I sliced a loaf of Italian bread thick and baked under the broiler for just a few minutes, on both sides. When it cooled, I rubbed a clove of garlic on one side and a handful of basil on the other. It helped the bread from becoming too heavy by giving it such bright flavors!

Also, traditional the eggs would be poached. Look for a Poaching Class 101 coming soon…

Maybe on video!



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2 responses to “Eggs in Purgatory – Dinner Over Easy

  1. Kathlene

    This photo is so compelling that I am going to try yo make it for myself [or a version anyway] RIGHT NOW!!!!

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