Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

This is as live as it gets! We just got home from a wonderfully relaxing trip to Gettysburg and have finished unpacking. This is the point where Dustin picks up the phone and I call out my favorite pizza toppings! Not this time! I had a few things that had been left in the fridge and had about 3 minutes left until they expired! Here’s what I came up with…
A steak left over from camping, sour cream from a baked potato gone by, some asparagus and radishes from market the week prior and garlic that was nearly sprouting! I also had a bagged broccoli slaw mix from last weeks cookout. I gave it a quick thought and threw together grilled steak with garlic infused sour cream topped with asparagus and radishes cooked in brown butter. All of that richness was cut with the bagged slaw which I dressed simply with red wine vinegar and a few drops of lemon juice! If you use a little creativity, you will throw away less food! The meal was easy to prepare and gave me enough time to unwind after all of that unpacking! Stay tuned for more food updates on that Gettysburg camping trip too!

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  1. Aunt Vick

    I want to live at your house at meal time ! ! !

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