Camp Chef Meal #1 Breakfast A la Richelle

This past weekend, Dustin and I tried our luck at camping for the second time.  Those of you that know us just double checked what blog you’re reading, assuming that the words “camping” would never show up on my blog unless followed by the words “it up.”  Don’t worry though, we don’t disappoint – our version of roughing it involved a tent made for 8, a queen sized air mattress, down comforter, Kindle and books, and those fun packets of chemicals that turn your campfire rainbow colors!  Onto the food!

We started Friday night with a roaring fire over which we made Hamburgers and potatoes  – simple enough.  It’s what we did with the left over potatoes that I’m in love with.

Waking up the next morning to the sound of Canadian geese engaging in a beak match to the death, I immediately started to plan breakfast, which was a menu stolen from my best friend Richelle.  She helped us get camping trip #1 under our belts, and in doing so, taught us about the limitations of cooking in a camp setting.

Here is the breakdown:

Campfire Roasted Potatoes (simply wrapped in foil and left to cook inside the base of the campfire for about 30 minutes, from the previous nights meal)

Eggs (Fresh are terrific, but liquid substitutes travel better)

Turkey Sausage (pre-cooked for ease)

Sharp Cheddar cheese

Orange Bell Pepper

We sliced the potatoes from the evening before about 1/8” thick and placed them in a frying pan.  We added a tablespoon of butter to the pan, then placed it on our propane stove.  In went the sausage and both were left to brown.  It was at this point that the frying pan fell off the range and onto the ground.  I suggest skipping this step, as it is nearly impossible to garnish with gravel.

Once I had a second frying pan full we were back in business and it was time to start the eggs.  Salt, pepper, and a sprinkle of shredded sharp cheddar made quick work of a wonderfully simple egg scramble.  Once everything was plated, I added some bell pepper for a crunchy texture.  Thanks to Richelle, I have a great breakfast blueprint that is beyond versatile!

Stay tuned for dinner!



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3 responses to “Camp Chef Meal #1 Breakfast A la Richelle

  1. Amanda Mitcheltee

    I too have made a similar campfire breakfast! Try adding black beans as a side or with the scrambled eggs for a Mexican flair. Delicious addition to the cheddar!

  2. Kathlene

    Sounds and looks fabulous. Still not enough to make me go camping…but I would be thrilled to stop by the tent for breakfast!

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