I Need Your Help! Yes…YOU!

I have alluded to the fact that I have some exciting blogs coming up that I hope are interesting, creative and outside the box! One of those ideas needs your help! A friend of mine, Lisa, had a wonderful idea that I had to steal borrow! Read below to find out how one of your ideas could make it into my kitchen and onto my blog!

Here is the idea… Re-work food traditionally found on a child’s menu. Take something usually rated “G”, add some adult flavors and convert it to a Recipe Rated “R”! This is where I need your help. In the comments section below, tell me what your favorite childhood food is! Something you ordered from the kids menu at your favorite diner or restaurant, something your grandmother made you for dinner on the nights she made Salisbury Steak. (sorry, Grandma!) Maybe it’s a food that you crave that brings back memories of Saturday Morning Cartoons and pajamas with the feet sewn in.

Here, allow me to get you started…

Chicken Fingers and Fries! I can’t shake this combo even today and will indulge myself  when I find this sublime duo on a menu!

So… what’s yours?



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5 responses to “I Need Your Help! Yes…YOU!

  1. Kimmy

    I loved baked macoroni and cheese.

  2. Jason

    Oh man so many…..dippy eggs and scrapple, clams linguini in white sauce, Philly cheese steak….I could go on forever…..

  3. Kathlene

    I suppose my favorite childhood meal memory was something that is still referred to as “Breakfast for Dinner”. It always felt like such a treat!

  4. Julia

    My grandmother used to make us bunny sandwiches. They were orange marmalade sandwiches cut out with a bunny cookie cutter. Then she’d put a raisin eye on them. I’m not sure how you’d make that for adults.

  5. Becky

    I will see Kathlene’s comment, and raise it a Chicken/Turkey and Waffles. Part breakfast-for-dinner, part leftover re-do. All mmmmmmmmm.

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