S’mores Period.

I actually debated whether or not to tackle such an iconic food. Nothing has changed about it since it was invented by the dinosaur, Trismorasauras, 250 million years ago! Some of that last statement may be false… you can google it later.

My fear was that someone would ask the question, “Why mess with the s’more?” and I wouldn’t have a good enough answer. I came up with a pretty good compromise. The basics have stayed the same, graham cracker, milk chocolate bar, marshmallow, but I added a simple ingredient to give it a twist! Below you will find 4 S’mores that tip-toe outside of the box without destroying the perfection that is a campfire s’more. Enjoy!

Cinnamon and Cayenne Pepper.

The cinnamon adds a warmth and sweetness that is welcome and the cayenne pepper finishes strong and hot. I actually really liked this one and the extra ingredients were just as easy to grab and pack as the rest of the s’more components.

Fresh Mint

This was the favorite, I think. Fresh, clean and sweet, this was a classic combination of chocolate and mint. Plus it’s a serving of leafy greens!

Fresh Strawberries

Ok, so strawberries may not pack quite as easily, but if your campgrounds happen to have a bake and produce sale right there in the parking lot, why not? The berries were sweet and bright and they lifted the s’more up away from a heavy treat and into chocolatey-fruity bliss!

The Peep

So this one is a little crazy. I happened upon some Holiday Peeps which were mint covered in dark chocolate. It’s the fast food of s’mores. The walmart-one stop shop of camping confections. It also wasn’t our favorite. Hey, they can’t all be winners! Let’s take another look at that strawberry one.

That’s better.

Given that fire pits are rather commonplace in most backyards, I hope that you will get to try some of these at home. Maybe even invent your own! If you do, make sure you come back and share with the rest of the group!



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6 responses to “S’mores Period.

  1. Michele

    These look great…I always like to do smores at BBQ’s . I will try some of these and I thought about using Nutella too. yumm!

    • I LOVE Nutella and had the same thought! We also discussed a layer of peanut butter!

      • Audrey

        I personally do NOT get Nutella. Perhaps if people would stop pushing it as a chocolate substitute (blasphemy!), I might learn to appreciate it for itself. Or not…
        Nancy & I (meaning Nancy) may try your pizza & s’mores when we camp in NY in June for the folk fest.

  2. First of all, tragedy that they’ve tampered so with Peeps as to create a mint chocolate one… but I salute what you did with it! The strawberry one looks nom nom lovely too. I’ve also played around with stuffing things INSIDE the marshmallow whilst roasting (blueberries, dark chocolate/raspberry/cinnamon chips, etc.), and highly recommend it. Nice post! Thanks!

  3. Audrey

    Also, LOVE chocolate-covered peeps! ;o)

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