Kids Menu: For Adults

Kids Menu for Adults

Breakfast for Dinner

The challenge: to create a fusion of a fast, easy, fresh dinner with something that spins your food memory rolodex out of control.  Throw on your pajamas, turn on your favorite cartoon, and remember, coloring outside the lines is always okay!

What is it about breakfast food?  It can be light, rich, sweet, savory, enjoyed in any diner 24 hours a day and conjures warm childhood memories when served for dinner.  I have agreed to the challenge of turning childhood food memories into an elevated food experience.  Of course there is no substitute for the way my mom fries an egg, assuring the lacey white edges turn golden and crispy, all the while maintaining a velvety smooth yolk at the ready to envelope the end of a piece of buttery toast. The real difficulty is creating a meal that speaks to both soulful comfort and a grown-up flavor palette. Come along with me on what I hope to be the first of many attempts!

Scrambled Eggs with Toast and Pancakes … for dinner.

Whether it is a groggy Sunday morning, or celebrating a.m. in the p.m., I love to squeeze both savory and sweet onto the plate.  Let’s formulate our shopping list first, and then focus on assembly.

Serves: 2

4 slices French baguette

3 eggs

1 shallot, diced

2 rashers (slices) turkey bacon

2 tbsp fresh herbs (I used Basil and Oregano, and a little Thyme)

2 oz fresh sharp goat cheese (a Chevre would also work fine) 

Salt & pepper, to taste

Whole wheat instant pancake mix

¼ cup light cream cheese

¼ cup chopped fresh strawberries

2 tbsp real maple syrup

First toast the baguette at 385⁰ for about 7 – 9 minutes.  Remove them from the oven and quickly top them with the goat cheese.

While the bread is toasting, put one diced shallot and one teaspoon olive oil in a skillet and fry the shallot until brown and crispy.  Remove the shallot from the heat and toss in the herbs (tossing them in when the pan is warm helps to draw the oils out of the leaves).  Set them aside in a separate bowl.

Putting your talent of chewing gum AND walking at the same time to good use, warm the cream cheese, maple syrup and strawberries over low heat and whisk the sauce until pink and creamy.

Next fry a few rashers of turkey bacon in a large skillet.  In the same skillet pour a small amount of prepared pancake batter (following directions on the package), flip them when bubbles form around the edges, remove them from the skillet and repeat to create a second pancake. When the pancakes are finished, so is the bacon!

Beat three eggs in a bowl with salt and pepper and splash the scramble into a small skillet (I used the same skillet the shallot and herbs were fried in to save time and dish water).  Eric’s quick tip: When scrambling eggs, remove them from the heat at the second they turn from runny to glossy.  If you wait for the eggs to appear dry, you will have dried them out.

Now that all the components are ready, let’s plate!

Toast first!  Top with eggs and shallots and a slice of bacon.  Pair with a pancake and a generous drizzle of the maple strawberry sauce. Serve with a glass of orange juice or sparkling grapefruit juice to cut the richness of the sauce and cooked onion, and you have a meal usually reserved for a night in, refined enough to serve at a dinner party.  But why wait for your guests to arrive?  Pamper yourself tonight with this tradition with a twist!



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2 responses to “Kids Menu: For Adults

  1. Kathlene

    Breakfast for Dinner is my favorite childhood meal recreation. Think I will go slip into some jammies and try this one out tonight! Or maybe sooner…it is bound to be suppertime somewhere right now!

  2. Aunt Vick

    Once Again I am soo impressed !! Sounds really good,

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