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Cauliflower Pizza Crust. There. I said it.

Every now and then I quickly post the evening’s dinner on Facebook as sort of a teaser for the blog or as an announcement of a new fun ingredient. No status update has elicited a response of disgust like my post about making cauliflower pizza crust. Interestingly enough, more people have asked how the pizza turned out, than any other dish I’ve blogged about.

I’m about to show you how it turned out and encourage, nay, DARE you to try it yourself. If this blog was an Office Teamwork Motivational Seminar, this recipe would be the “trust fall” portion. Right now you are thinking I will just let you fall, but I wont! Just close your eyes, cross your arms and fall backward into a crispy, cheesy, soft mound of cauliflower nirvana.

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