A night out, In: 2nd and 3rd Course.

It’s been a little while sine my last post as the cookbook is slowly taking over my free time in the very best way possible. Please go back to the last post and refresh your palate with our first course. Done? Good! Let’s move on! I want to show you the rest of the meal and just how easy it is to create a restaurant style meal at home! 

The second course was a salad and I have always been in love with a Grilled Caesar. It’s a fast and easy summer favorite in my house! Just grill up half a head of romain lettuce, top with cheese and olive oil and maybe a little grilled chicken. For the second course of a big dinner, I wanted to figure out how I would re-create this idea, but on a smaller scale. I think I found the perfect answer: endive! I grilled small heads of endive lettuce and created parmesan “crackers” to serve along side. I would love to give you step by step instructions, but I wouldn’t be a very good salesman considering the recipe is in my cookbook, coming out this December. I’ll just say it was tasty and leave it at that.

On to course number 3! Since I had the grill hot, I wanted to take advantage of the blue skies and fiery coals. Digging deep into my Italian heritage, I decided to make my own pasta (also in the cookbook) and create a chicken parmesan. Not just any parmesan though, nope. I was going to de-construct it. A traditional chicken parmesan includes tomato sauce and a baked chicken breast, sometimes breaded, sometimes fried. In my case, I was going to blacken the skin of a seasoned chicken breast and finish cooking on the oposite side until juicy and tender. While the chicken was grilling I added some thick slices of tomato to the grill to soften and char. The pasta was served with the olive oil I used to drizzle over the chicken and the tomatoes were thrown into the mix. Of course it wouldn’t be a parmesan without the addition of finely grated parmesan cheese. The result was a modern twist on a classic!

Note: Upon uploading this photo, I realized I failed to mention the chiffonade of basil leaves down the center! How very dare me!


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