About Me

Abandoned by Himalayan diamond miners, Eric was found and raised by a pack of wolves until a hiker found him and brought him home to teach him the basics of cooking and the wonder of shampoo…

Ok, so some of that first part may have been embellished, but it would render my current knife skills so much more impressive! The truth is, I was born in September, in 1982, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Growing up I had a fascination with all things creative. By high school I had honed my skills in Graphic Design and went on to receive a degree in said study. I work now in Marketing and spend my spare time tending to my hobby: food! I now reside in Lancaster City with my partner of 9 Years, Dustin, and our Chihuahua, Stanford. Join me and follow along on my foodie adventures!

By the way, are there even diamond mines in the Himalayas?


5 responses to “About Me

  1. you’re my favorite queen. or should i say…QUANE 😛

  2. Kathlene

    A BLOG is BORN and I am so lucky to count the new Food STAR as a dear, new friend! Kudos to you Eric. I am off to spread the word to the masses!!!

  3. Aunt Vick

    Love the site Eric !!! Now is there somewhere I click to have the food delivered? It all looks so good !!! You may turn me into a cook yet ! Lots of Love Hugs and Kisses !

  4. Candice

    I love reading updates on your blog, you’re so very creative!

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