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All Hands on Deck!

Brandi came up with a wonderful menu for the 2nd night of our stay and allowed us to assist her in the kitchen! This meal was a great way to come together after a full day of shopping and site seeing and really summed up our friendship: Laughter and food! There is nothing more personal to me than sharing food (ok, maybe a few things more personal) and when you get to share your own food with your very best friends, that’s even better! The following photos will never completely y capture the energy of the evening or the swell of my adoration for everyone in the room, but hopefully they convey just how much fun we always have when we are all together!

Ok, enough sap, LET’S SEE THE FOOD! Continue reading



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Not So Vanilla

We finally had our first 80 degree day this spring! Dust off those grills (charcoal of course!), wipe down the patio furniture and get out your ice cream scoops! After a lazy dinner outside on the patio, I scooped us each a bit of vanilla yogurt. How… vanilla! I needed something to “spring” it up, so I went rummaging through my pantry to see what I could add, and here is what I came up with… I, first, zested a clementine and squeezed its wonderful juice into a separate bowl. To the juice I added a teaspoon of vanilla bean paste, a teaspoon of Agave nectar and a pinch of salt. I mixed and poured a few teaspoons over each scoop of yogurt. I topped with the zest. What we ended up with was a wonderfully refreshing sundae that tasted like the best Orange-sicle you have ever had! If I wanted to spend the time, I could have added more sugar and reduced the sauce on the stove top, creating a thick syrup. Either way we have ushered spring into our backyards and greeted it with open arms!

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