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So Simple, So Easy, So Cheesy!

While sitting at one of our favorite local restaurants, Dustin and I decided one of the best dishes we have ever ordered from every one of our favorite restaurants is their cheese plate. Its simple, usually local, and varies from restaurant to restaurant. There is no easier way to present a confetti of flavor than piling a mix of pungent, sweet, bitter, crumbly, smooth, rich and creamy cheeses onto a plate. I take a staple in my refrigerator, goat cheese, and serve it with two of my other favorite things! Let’s get started on my totally easy cheese plate!

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Cookies N Cream N Beyond!

What amount of elbow grease, time and kitchen gadgets does it take to create these silky, pillowy, soft, chewy squares of cookies and cream? I’ll do it. Don’t make me beg! I am at your mercy just please tell me… what? 3 ingredients? 5 minutes? Well what am I doing here? Let’s get to it!


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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle 2.0

It’s Friday after a long week and all you want to do it slip into your PJ’s and watch TV. You could A, call for take out, B, have a bowl of cereal or C, clean out your fridge, make a quick dinner and do something good for you all at the same time! If you chose the last option, come with me on a journey to the back of my fridge! I’m about to make a pizza with left-overs!

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Oh No You Di’int! (Oh Yes I Did)

The boardwalk holds many, many memories for me. From the ocean-side boards of Ocean City, MD and Rehoboth, DE to the random “strip mall” type in Myrtle Beach, I love them all! The souvenir shops might all be the same and, frankly, I am amazed by what you can find with your first name emblazoned on the side! Apart from keychains and vulgar t-shirts there is the salty humid air, the sandy grit between your flip-flops and the worn planks of wood, the beach bodies (both fantastic and less than) and of course the food! Little can compare to the aroma of an ocean front pizza shop or french fry stand. You can almost see the cartoon-esque waft of food smells trailing down the beach and dragging an unsuspecting tanner by his nostrils off his towel, past the dunes and up the counter where he orders a funnel cake for no other reason then “they have funnel cake!”. So what’s the smell that gets me every time? The french fries! Erics quick tip: When used correctly, a medium boardwalk fry can be used as lunch. If you have ever been unsure about boardwalk fries and their sublime perfection, I have a small experiment for you to try. Throw one fry onto the boardwalk. Examine the frenzy of gulls as 2 dozen birds vie for just a beak-full of fried potato bliss. Now, repeat with a stem of broccoli. Record and note any differences. Continue reading


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You Grilled What?

French Fries!

Parsnips, sweet potatoes or the good ol’ fashioned Idaho spud, I’ll take fries just about any way I can get them. While fried is usually a treat, I have come up with a few different ways to create that favorite salty side. Below you can find a new way to serve fries with your summer favorites without having to heat your oven, and subsequently, your home! Enjoy! Continue reading

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S’mores Period.

I actually debated whether or not to tackle such an iconic food. Nothing has changed about it since it was invented by the dinosaur, Trismorasauras, 250 million years ago! Some of that last statement may be false… you can google it later.

My fear was that someone would ask the question, “Why mess with the s’more?” and I wouldn’t have a good enough answer. I came up with a pretty good compromise. The basics have stayed the same, graham cracker, milk chocolate bar, marshmallow, but I added a simple ingredient to give it a twist! Below you will find 4 S’mores that tip-toe outside of the box without destroying the perfection that is a campfire s’more. Enjoy! Continue reading


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Camp Chef: Meal #2 Dinner!

My parents can attest to the fact that in spite of being raised in the suburbs, I have always felt like a city kid. I’m pretty sure they still think there might have been a mix up at the hospital the day I was born. It was the 80’s…we were all inhaling way too much hairspray and that is when accidents happen! My fascination with all things urban was only solidified in the 90’s by the TV show “Friends”. At that point I knew the only things keeping me from a lavish NYC apartment were a rapier wit and immovable hair. Continue reading

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