Light, Camera, ACTION!

Things will be back up and running full swing at Eric Dishes shortly… in the mean time… check out my recipe for Roasted Root veggies from Eric Dishes & Dustin Mixes!

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Quick Tip

Mashed potatoes can be time consuming and who has time to spare during the holidays after all the wrapping, entertaining, Bing Crosby dance breaks, and hot chocolate consuming? I made mine a day ahead and put them in the fridge. At 350 for 20 minutes, my potatoes will be perfectly warmed through when I want them to be. This gives me extra Bing Crosby time. And I like that.


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It’s Here.

I am proud to announce that “Eric Dishes & Dustin Mixes” is officially available to purchase! I can’t tell you how proud I am of this project and how humbled I have become through this process. Our “Thank You” page could not contain all of the names of those who have helped us and supported us along the way. Dustin and I hope everyone enjoys the book, the dishes, and the time spent around the table with your loved ones. Please click the button at the top of the webpage “Buy My Book” to purchase your copy.

Buon Appetito!


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A Spoon Full of Cream Cheese Helps the Spinach Go Down

Ok, maybe more like 4 ounces of cream cheese.

The following recipe can be found this December in my cookbook, “Eric Dishes & Dustin Mixes”. It’s easily one of my favorites because it’s one of the easiest!

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Say What? Chiffonade.

In my upcoming Cookbook, “Eric DIshes & Dustin Mixes”, there are a few terms that I explain along the way to help those that may not be familiar with them. In a stream of video posts, I hope to explain these terms even further! Click below to see exactly what a recipe means when it asks for you “chiffonade” some basil!


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A night out, In: 2nd and 3rd Course.

It’s been a little while sine my last post as the cookbook is slowly taking over my free time in the very best way possible. Please go back to the last post and refresh your palate with our first course. Done? Good! Let’s move on! I want to show you the rest of the meal and just how easy it is to create a restaurant style meal at home!  Continue reading

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A Night Out, In.

When it comes to food, one of my phliosophies is that everyone is deserving of restaurant quality food, even at home. Recently Dustin and I decided to share this philiosophy with a few close friends and I’d love to show you, course by course, just how we made it happen!

Since there is no better place to start than the beginning, let’s get to work on an Amuse Bouche!

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