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Greek? Italian? Yes.

So you are having a small dinner party and your comfort zone is Italian food, but your guests love Greek. What do you do? Make the same old lasagna and garlic bread? Cancel the dinner in a frustrated fit? Serve Indian? I have a better idea; Fusion! By combining a few basics from each cuisine and thinking outside the box, I created a menu that was sure to please everyone! Let’s walk through the menu together! Godere! Απολαύστε! Enjoy!

Mona Stamos

Okay, so not all Greek-Italian fusions are good. Trust me, the food is better than a Mona Stamos any day!

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Quick Tip

Mashed potatoes can be time consuming and who has time to spare during the holidays after all the wrapping, entertaining, Bing Crosby dance breaks, and hot chocolate consuming? I made mine a day ahead and put them in the fridge. At 350 for 20 minutes, my potatoes will be perfectly warmed through when I want them to be. This gives me extra Bing Crosby time. And I like that.


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