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Light, Camera, ACTION!

Things will be back up and running full swing at Eric Dishes shortly… in the mean time… check out my recipe for Roasted Root veggies from Eric Dishes & Dustin Mixes!

Click HERE!


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You Grilled What?

French Fries!

Parsnips, sweet potatoes or the good ol’ fashioned Idaho spud, I’ll take fries just about any way I can get them. While fried is usually a treat, I have come up with a few different ways to create that favorite salty side. Below you can find a new way to serve fries with your summer favorites without having to heat your oven, and subsequently, your home! Enjoy! Continue reading

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Side Dish #1 – TV Dinner

Turkey Dog in a Cheddar Croissant and Roasted Potato Wedges served with a Russian Ketchup.


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